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Fet Success, 3dt Vs 5dt

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Posted 09 July 2008 - 09:32 AM

I was 29 when we did our first fresh cycle.  We had 15 fertilized eggs.  We froze 8 at the pronuclear stage and grew the remaining 7 to day 5.  We had 3 make it to blastocyst.  We have our son from the transfer of one of those blasts and we froze the other 2.
I am now 31 and we have just done our 2nd FET.  With our first FET, we tried to grow 4 of our pronuclear embryos to day 5 but none of them made it.  We transferred our two frozen blasts that were expanded when they were transferred but the cycle was unsuccessful.
We have just had our 2nd FET but decide to grow our pronuclear embryos only to day 3.  At day 3, they were all graded as excellent and we transferred 2 of them.  We tried to grow the other 2 to day 5 to refreeze but they never made it past the morula stage.
My question is, with this cycle, is there a chance that the two that we transferred may still be successful even though the cultured embryos didn't make it?  Is it common to have these results with FET after a successful fresh transfer from the same cycle?  Can you expect better results from embryos cultured from pronuclear to day 3 then embryos frozen at day 3?  Would you expect less embryos to make it to blast if they have been previously frozen?
Thank you for any advice you may have.